Monday, November 19, 2012

One Day My Blog Will Have Something to Say About This

With apologies to the Log Lady, but I've been heavily medicated today.... This morning I had my 2nd worst migraine ever. My 1st worst migraine was also my 1st migraine that I ever correctly identified as a migraine, on Christmas Day in 1995 or 1996. The paranoid part of me is suspicious; just 2 days ago I was recounting my "1st migraine story" and thinking about how far I'd come. Hubris. It figures. What made this morning's episode worthy of a blog post after so many months? Well, the pain mostly. The actual writhing in agony and blinding pain and shocking nausea, unabated by drugs nor ice packs nor ginger nor sitting up nor lying down nor lying partly down but propped with pillows nor with blackout mask nor "why don't I try walking around?" nor "bad idea, never move again ever. Ever." My cat, hoping for a snuggle, instead perched cautiously on the corner of the bed, warily watching but (dutifully? lovingly? impatiently waiting for food?) still remaining close by. The pain struck at 5:23 am, or at least that is the time I roused myself to attempt the all-thumbs fustercluck ridiculousness of opening the imitrex packaging. One helpful friend suggested opening them ahead of time, but I've been told by doctors that exposure to air degrades the drugs. And I NEED the drugs. I understood junkies this morning. I would've smoked crystal meth from a toothless whore if I thought I would feel better. At 7:12, after 100 mg of imitrex, a fiorocet, a mucinex from the orange box (just in case it was sinuses) and a lot of nausea, blinding white pain, calculations of approximate force required of head against wall to induce blacking out, phone in hand to call someone to take me to the ER, I finally emerged slowly. So, full circle or something. I still have no idea why today at 5:23 am occurred. I went over everything I ate, was exposed to, the weather, my water intake, the allergens forecast, and still no answer. All I can do it push forward and hope for the best. And make friends with someone with his/her own personal morphine drip. Ok, ok, maybe not. Onward....!