Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hormones update! Wheee!

A while back I posted about my migraine frustrations as related to my girly business, and am happy to say that I've yielded some splendid results. At the blessing of my girly-parts doctor, I am now on the lowest-estrogen dose pill AND (drum roll) and directed to take the pills straight through, skipping the placebos. For you non-pill takers and dudes out there, that means no periods for MG! It's, like, better than winning the lottery. And it means at least FOUR fewer migraines per month, which is like 200 times better than winning the lottery.

After charting my headaches for 6 months I noticed the migraine/ period trend, which is how I convinced my Dr. that extreme measures were required. The strange thing is that the two other times I charted my headaches in the past I found no such correlation. Apparently, hormones fluctuate once a woman passes age 30 -- and here I thought that age just began my descent into crone-dom and a signal to begin preparing to become a Crazy Cat Lady. Guess I should've paid more attention in high school health class, but I was usually too busy trying to not pass out.

While I am thrilled about the new therapy and decline of monthly migraines, I do also occasionally worry that I will end up like that great SNL commercial parody and just go batshit crazy one of these months. *Crosses fingers and hopes for best*

Of course, I found a downside. Published in the UK in August, I only stumbled upon a story in a magazine at the salon last week in which British researchers found that "Body odour plays an important part in mate selection but the Pill appears to interfere with a woman's sense of smell, undermining her capacity to make the best choice" and that "Opposites attract – in gender and in genes. But the study revealed that instead of going for genetically dissimilar mates, as human beings are instinctively inclined to do, women on the Pill tended to select men more genetically similar to themselves" (The Independent).

Oh, good. So I guess that explains why I keep dating fabulously intelligent, funny, hot, and sexy men with no desire to commit. Great. ;) Maybe I can hire some sort of bloodhound to sniff out my potential dates in the future? Maybe this is the next frontier in dating: forget online dating or matchmakers, hire a dog!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Very Migraine Christmas

I love Christmastime. But I have to admit that a little part of me fears it, because I am conscious that the big M might be waiting for me around any corner. Okay, maybe "fear" is too strong a word, but I certainly am aware of it and ever conscious of how frustrating a holiday migraine would be, because I would be missing out on family time and seeing people I only get to visit with once or twice a year.

Certainly I always think back to my first migraine episode, on Christmas day years ago while I was in college. I'd come home for the month-long winter break, and without taking a moment to rest after the nonstop madness of finals and countless papers written and nights spend until 4am in the library computer lab, I plunged right into Christmas decorating. Mom was still finishing up her term, Dad still at work, my brother too young to be bothered to help out. Knowing we were hosting the family at our house (three families rotated the hosting duties for a while), I went into full-on, Type-A, MArtha Stewart decorating craziness. I must say: the house looked wonderful, with garland winding up the stairway, handmade pine cone garlands (from pine cones I'd gathered myself,of course), fresh pine boughs over every doorway, springs of fresh holly in every room, candles was lovely. And then it happened: about an hour after everyone had arrived, once all were tended to with drinks and food and coats stashed away...I felt it. Suddenly my head was in a tight vise grip, my vision grew dark, my stomach began to churn, and I fled upstairs to lie down.

My mother found me, twisted in pain on my bed and brought me ice packs and drugs. I didn't know what was happening to me, but I very distinctly recall thinking about ways to knock myself unconscious -- the pain was actually that bad. I even fleetingly wondered if I should do something more serious. I couldn't think past the intense tightening, unrelenting, overpowering pain. I tried hurting myself in other ways, like pinching myself hard and knocking my head against the wall, anything to make the migraine pain seem less severe. All while trying to block out the sounds of - yes - Christmas downstairs.

Since that first migraine I've learned to sense them coming on and to know my possible triggers in order to be prepared. My migraines these days rarely make it to such a terrible level, but still even the less major ones can lay me out for a few hours or an entire day. But nothing will ever compare to that first one, on Christmas Day. Thankfully I still love Christmas, a testament to my love of holiday music and cookies, for sure!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Migraines may cut breast cancer rick by 30%! Huh.

WOW, thanks to the lovely M for this great article about a recent study on women, breast cancer, and migraines.

"In a puzzling twist, women who have a history of migraine headaches are far less likely to develop breast cancer than other women, U.S. researchers said on Thursday."

Well, let's file that in the Glass Half Full cabinet. Who knew?

Friday, October 17, 2008

On Being A Girl

Being a girl has its advantages, like having boobs (the best accessory ever), but I find the biggest disadvantage has got to be hormones. Damn them! As I've been charting my migraines for the past 6 months I find that I DO in fact get a lot more of them during that special week. And I ask: how the #*@$$&% is that fair? I'm already eating everything in sight, tired, bloated, and developing zits in clusters resembling the islands of the Bahamas. I know I often write about migraines being unfair, because in those dark moments they feel genuinely unfair. They make me cancel plans and lie in bed in the dark listening to vintage Law & Order episodes. (On a side note, when I recently saw Sam Waterston on the street I wanted to hug him for being my comfort in those dark hours, but instead did the NYC thing and pretended I had better things to do).

So anyone out there have any success with hormone regulation and migraine abatement? I'd love to hear about it!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Am I being tested?!?!

What a week! I had a low-grade migraine every day, or perhaps the same one decided to spend 6 days with me. Now, my definition of a "low-grade migraine" is a migraine with all of the fun side dishes: light and sound sensitivity, vise-like grip, occasional nausea (I am lucky on this front in that stomach problems are rare with me), general "out-of-it"-ness. Powering though the day is an option (one that I chose) but by the time I got home I had to climb right into bed. And then wake up at 2am or 3:30 am with terrible pain, be awake for 2-3 hours, fall asleep finally, and not be able to awaken with my alarm. Yeah: good times!

My guess is that the run of nicer weather this week churned up the fall allergy demons and all those little particles, on top of changing pressure systems, did me in. Or, you know, my head just sucks. I'm really open to either explanation.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


100 mg of Imitrex this far. Arghh.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Category 4 Migraine

Hurricane season terrifies me, and not because I live on a barrier island (though one day, perhaps...Outer Banks: I mean you). Changing pressure systems equal migraine breeding ground, and I approach the Weather Channel's radar graphics with the concentration of a general plotting battleground strategy. That little graphic representing the eye of the storm to me is an icon representation of the telltale pain behind my left eyebrow.

I've been blissfully migraine-free for the past 8 days or so, as I continue to fight off this flu/cold/plague. After a re-lapse last week I finally consulted my Dr. After 4 hours of sitting in the waiting room, undergoing every test imaginable, fainting when they tried to take blood, and being forgotten in the exam rooms while wearing a fantastic paper gown, this medical genius concluded that I had a bad cold/flu.

However, while the plague was terrible and I desperately missed the human race, it was almost nice to have a visible disease. I was completely stuffed up and coughing and there was no doubt that I was ill. Whereas, with a migraine, I may look less than "with it" and perhaps sound like I am stoned but it is far less dramatic. Many days I work with a migraine and no one is the wiser. In fact, unless I have a migraine severe enough to cause me to miss work or have to cancel plans, I DON'T TELL ANYONE. Because I don't want to be that person with migraines. Because to a lot of people it sounds like a cop-out. Because I feel like some weeks all I do is cancel plans and lie in bed with an ice pack on my head, listening to re-runs of "Law & Order" on TNT.

But back to the hurricanes: they were mercifully, uh, merciful. I've had a migraine today since 3am but am keeping it at bay with drugs. Sadly, nothing will fix it until I can be home and take the real hardcore drugs. I can live with this one today. One day, I hope that I won't have to just bear it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The fine art of Piling On

Well, it's been a less than stellar week at MN, as I've been fighting off the flu since last Monday. Actually, there wasn't much fighting involved: it conquered me in the night and I didn't know what hit me until yesterday. MN has not experienced such illness since perhaps the sixth grade, or certainly in a time when it was ok and not desperately pathetic to wish for one's mommy.

Perhaps the most fun aspect was that my migraines didn't go away during this time of fevers, chills, total head blockage and earaches -- oh no, they came anyway! And if you think it's fun to try to release an Imitrex from the 9-pack when you're pre-migraine, just try it when you're also on multiple cold medicines and are somehow trying to read the backs of all the drug packagings to make sure that you won't die if you take this particular drug cocktail. Seems that it was ok, or at least the irreversible kidney or liver or whatever else damage will at least wait to manifest itself until I can again breathe through my nose. This is my simple hope.

More than dying from unfortunate drug cocktail mixing, my real fear was of choking to death on a Hall's mentho-lyptus during the night. But sleeping - well, resting, really, there was little sleep until Saturday -- was impossible because of the coughing, hence the dangerous Hall's cough drop. I figured if I slept sitting up mostly I would at least awaken before I had totally choked to death enough to remember 8th grade CPR classes and how to Heimlich myself on a kitchen chair. Or at least write a brief, witty, totally memorable death note that would make me famous in death and help pay off my debt so my next of kin would not be left with it. Unfortunately, all the sleeping sitting up did was give me an ACTUAL pain in the neck, so now I am timing taking pain relievers for that in between the cold medicine.

So what have I learned this week? Let's see:

1. The flu sucks it. Hard.
2. Migraines have no pity.
3. My head is a wonderland. A wonderland of CRAP.
4. Hall's makes a Canada Dry Ginger ale flavor drop. When I can taste things again, I'll tell you how they are.
5. I may or may not have damaged vital organs. Stay tuned.
6. It is possible to watch all the programs on one's TiVo "Now Playing" list.

Next on MN: Going Outside And Trying To Enjoy The Last Week Of Summer. oooh!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was home visiting the family this weekend. And people wonder why I moved....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, in my ongoing quest to beat down my migraines, and after spending the entire weekend in pain with only 3 good hours, I scheduled my first appointment with an acupuncturist this morning. I was so excited last night, like it was the eve of the first day of school. I even set out my clothes. Really.

Upon arriving and meeting the lovely woman who would be inserting needles into my body, I was even more excited. Not only was she totally cool and wearing fantastic pink shoes (trusts me on this one: they were drool-worthy fuschia ballet flats), but she was extremely knowledgeable about migraine suffering and treated me like I didn't have a made-up ailment. Even more awesome! So, imagine my dismay when, nine needles into things, I had to ask "Is it normal to get light-headed?" and then proceeded to quickly turn white then green and began sweating profusely. Yeah. So, the lovely wonderful acupuncturist had to remove all the needles and bring me water and make sure I didn't pass out. All the while I was thinking "What just happened?" and cursing my body for acting up.

She told me that two other people have had similar reactions, which made me feel somewhat better, though still sheepish as I mopped my sweaty face and body and silently willed my sweat to not seep onto the paper covering the table on which I was lying. Mostly, though, I felt frustrated, because I realized how many hopes I'd pinned to this treatment. But I'm not giving up...I hope to try again in a few weeks and this time with just one or two needles and see how it goes. I still feel rather uneven and off-kilter -- I guess that it my unbalanced Qi. It figures: even my Qi is wacked out!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My Migraine Triggers (a partial list)

1. changes in barometric pressure
2. humidity
3. not enough sleep
4. too much sleep
5. keeping feelings bottled up
6. a good cry
7. sometimes beer, sometimes not
8. sometimes wine, sometimes not
9. car travel
10. train travel
11. airplane travel
12. allergies
13. getting dried out from allergy medication
14. menstrual cycle
15. cold
16. heat
17. stress
18. anxiety
19. loud noises
20. thinking about migraines

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

oh, W...

So this article has MN all riled up, because once again, Bush is messing with contraception issues. I've been following this issue as it plays out into absurdity for a while and all I can do is shake my head. Well, allow me to rephrase: my head is shaking because my entire body is SHAKING WITH RAGE. To allow a pharmacist, clinic worker, etc. to refuse to dispense oral contraception, PLan B, and the like is not, theoretically, something I am against. MN doesn't force her ideologies onto others. However, this legislation would be! I use my local Duane Reade as an example: imagine waiting in the infuriatingly long line that snakes back through the aisles, as German tourists jump in front of you not understanding there is one line and that you can purchase your water, candybars, American magazines, and Band-Aids at ANY register but can only pick up prescriptions at THIS one, waiting as the poor clerk who doesn't speak much English tries to find your order...and then find out that due to the personal beliefs of the pharmacist on duty that your order will not be filled. And the next pharmacist isn't on duty until tomorrow morning. Now, maybe I am overreacting, maybe there will be back-ups in place. But in my experience with these things...well, let's just say I'm not out of order in expecting the worst.

So, frustration abounds. And I am lucky in that I haven't ever needed an emergency contraceptive like Plan B. But the thing is: my main reason for using the pill is to regulate my hormones so I am not writhing in pain 4 days a month OR getting the additional migraines. Being a girl is FUN! Of course, MN reaps the extra benefit and worries less about her slutty lifestyle (just kidding, mom), but about those people who really NEED these drugs?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh, hey, another plan ruined. Awesome.

Seriously, this super-humidity needs to stop. I was up ALL night with a migraine, which was apparently a new super breed which was impervious to Imitrex, ice packs, total darkness, and force of will. This may indeed be a new form of terror, and if it is: well played, terrorists. I had to miss a birthday brunch AND birthday B'way matinee. I heart brunch and I heart matinees. So unfair! Grrrr.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Really, how do I get out of the house some days?!

This morning while walking through Port Authority someone tapped me on the shoulder. Which I ignored, because that is what you do when you're in the realm of crazy people that is the bus terminal. *Tap Tap* again. I turn around. The woman informs me that my dress is on inside out. I sheepishly thank her and run to the restrooms to switch it right side out. I check to make sure I am wearing undergarments and shoes and that there's nothing in my teeth and head out into the madness that is 42nd street and 8th avenue and pray that I 1.) don't get hit by a cab, 2.) don't get shat on by those pigeons on the northwest corner, and 3.) that the "mystery water" than just landed on my shoulder was from an air conditioner...please!

Ah, New York. I'm never moving.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hey, great news! I will be a featured blogger in the soon-to-be-debuted Migraine Community on Come and check me out there, too!

More frustrations

Well, last week was not stellar. Both Monday and Wednesday I didn't make it in to work until after 12:30 due to my head. Both mornings I woke up early with a foggy head and sense of impending doom. Arghh.

When I wake up with fuzziness like this I sometimes give myself a pep talk and make myself keep moving, thinking maybe I am just tired or being lazy. But then the tell-tale vise grip tightens and I have to lie down and hope it goes away quickly. I even called my mother both times because 1.) she too is a migraine sufferer so she understands and 2.) she's the woman who used to tell me in grade school "well, if you think you are sick enough to stay home then you should," which is the most brilliant bit of Catholic guilt-inducing parenting I've ever encountered. So I knew she would cut through my crap if there was any but it quickly became apparent that I was indeed pre-migraine as I struggled to form simple sentences and was forced to end the phone call when the effort of talking proved to be too much for me.

The happy part of this story is that my bosses totally understand my situation and know that if I am not at work it is for a good reason, and I know I am incredibly lucky. In fact, in a former job my boss once "casually" mentioned in front of me that Boss wasn't hiring someone because that person mentioned in her interview that she gets migraines. This boss said "I won't make that mistake again." Yeah, really.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The lies we tell ourselves

Been a rough week to be my head. I'm not sure if it's just the weather, or the pollen-filled breezes, or hormones, or WHAT precisely...but I've been hurting all week. But as I continue my fight I constantly am trying new methods of warfare. Today I tried "Denial," and I honestly do not recommend it to anyone. Sheesh. I woke up feeling thick in the head, with that aura accompanied by the pain behind my right eyebrow -- and since the pain is 99.9% of the time behind my left eyebrow I thought "well, THIS must be a sinus headache," so I took my daily allergy pill plus some Alleve and figured it would go away on its own. Four hours and a second Alleve later I had pain behind both eyebrows and a creeping vise grip on the back of my head and neck and still I thought "oh, it must be the pressure system." Finally at 1:15 I went to Duane Reade to get a pill-cutter and came back, split a 100 mg Imitrex in half and took it and - whoa - felt better in about 30 minutes. Huh. Guess it WAS a migraine.

Today I just did not want to be that person with migraines again. My good friend NK, a fellow sufferer, and I laugh about the things we do in life to avoid headaches...and how we sometimes go ahead and plunge right into a situation rife with triggers because we just can't stand staying home one more evening. For example, we were supposed to have an "unlimited champagne brunch" last Sunday but I opted out because I started getting the twinge as I was getting dressed. She went and later had a headache and acknowledged via text message that the brunch "really wasn't a good idea for people with heads like ours." But how do you always know? I could have 3 beers tonight and be fine, and tomorrow have one and get a three- hour migraine. Red wine? Hmmm. Car trip? Forget it. Flying? Ughhh. Too much sleep, not enough sleep, dehydration, BREATHING...where does it end? And I love when people say to me "Well, have you tried eliminating your triggers?" OH! Wow! THANKS! I never thought of that! I just ordered my bubble to live in and it will be here next week. You'll all visit, won't you??!!?!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Older, sure...but not yet wiser

So MN turned another year older yesterday and had a grand day of celebration, ending with a near-midnight drive through northern New Jersey during a blackout. Awesome! It was a day filled with high-caloric intake and the forced drinking of MN's co-workers and bosses at birthday lunch (MN does not like to drink alone) with more eating and drinking at dinner with brave birthday friend, TR.

TR and I experienced a journey worthy of Sisyphus in trying to get to our favorite Cuban restaurant in Hoboken. First: no PATH trains from 33rd street. Ok, fine. We took the A to World Trade Center (creepy) and picked up the PATH from there to Hoboken. While walking to aforementioned restaurant, we realized it was still Africa hot and as we went further west (i.e. away from the cooling Hudson) it got worse, until TR turned to me and said "I will most likely die before we get there. The wine is in my bag." No one died, luckily (a bad birthday omen fer sure) but Fabulous Cuban Restaurant With Yummy Cilantro Dipping Sauce was closed due to...something. We never got an explanation but rather were directed to its sister restaurant a block away. It was tasty, but not what we'd been dreaming about. Alas. But the real daiquiris (no Bachelorette party-esque strawberry concoctions here) made us forget out troubles. That is, until we left and began walking back to the train station and were hit with hurricane-level winds on Washington Street. When a nearby patio umbrella went through the windshield of the SUV across the street from us, we took cover in the nearest...sports bar. Ack! The rest of the evening entailed being drenched in the rain, all trains being cancelled, other friend JH being stranded, TR being stranded, then driving them home through the deep-space blackness of NJ.

All was well and MN made it home and in the house by 11:55 PM to hastily open all birthday cards in the last 5 minutes of the birthday proper. Good times! And most lovely of all the Migraine Fairy waited until the day was concluded before visiting and very nicely went away with only 50 mg of Imitrex. Normally I would be hella angry about said headache, but after the craziness of the day I was happy to be in one piece and back in my own bed. I will return to the good fight soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Migraines: it's ON

That's right, migraines: I've really had it this time. Not only are you screwing up my social calendar but now you're messing with my professional one, too. I missed an entire day of work on Friday because I was unable to even lift my head for the greater part of the day or figure out how pants work. That morning, I awoke as usual and a prepared for work but was moving more slowly than usual which I merely attributed to it being Friday. But I was in good spirits and excited for my Girls' Night dinner, a night which took no fewer than 17 chain emails between four friends to confirm, two months in advance.

But, noooooo. Instead I had to lie down and emailed work explaining that I was running late. Which I hate doing, because it seems like I am doing so at least once a week and it makes me feel like a total flake. But it seems that a majority of my headaches occur in the early morning hours and on those days I simply cannot get it together enough to even dress myself. And how I wish I were joking, but I am not: the simple act of putting on pants becomes utterly confounding. Seriously. It's comical in the aftermath but frustrating and scary and overwhelming in the actual moments.

Well, after lying down I mercifully fell asleep and awoke feeling worse and somehow pecked out an email to work that my head wasn't working and crawled back into bed. And my use of the word "crawl" is literal here: I couldn't stand upright from the pain and honestly had to slink around my apartment, very cartoon-Grinch-like. I woke up again at 10:00 PM, had some saltines and ginger ale, took more Fioronol (preciousss, preciousss, codeine) and slept til Saturday morning. No Girls' Night, no work, no fun.

Now, I managed to make some use of the weekend and even was proud to have found my new miracle daily drug in Alavert, which was going to solve all of my allergy AND sinus problems. And I made it through an intermittently rainy weekend with pressure changes with no problems but then I made the error of talking about my new success. Within four hours I was writhing in pain in my bed, with ice packs and blackout mask and drugs and just wishing someone, anyone, would stop by and knock me unconscious. This horror lasted from about 11:30 PM until 3:00 am.

So this is why I am up at 4am, typing out this posting, hoping to clear my mind of all these angry thoughts. I'm tired of losing my life to my headaches. I'm tired of being afraid to even have one drink. I've had it with the fear that comes with a rainy forecast. I'm appalled at my date book: a litany of canceled plans. All I can hope for now is that the new daily drugs I'm on will work and that my Dr. is right that it will take me another month or so to notice the effects. Until then, I keep fighting.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Later I'm going to go bobsledding down a rainbow."

I must share: Michel Gondry Entertained For Days By New Cardboard Box

I Heart Allergies

Sooooo. Yeah. It's been a while, so here is a brief rundown of what's been up in the world of MN:

* visited Pittsburgh ("Pixburgh"), home of the Penguins, Pirates, Steelers ("Stillers"), guys with amazing mustaches, fem-mullets, excellent breweries, and the home of the best sandwich in the world ever, Primanti Brothers. Also ate at a brewery in a de-sanctified church and had many moments of pure sacrilidge, as our large group of 10 was seated on the altar. ON. THE. ALTAR. This circumstance was compounded in hilarity as I'd just brought 17 Official NYC Papal Visit '08, blessed by the Pope crucifixes across state lines as family gifts. If only I'd been there at LaGuardia when my bag went through security...but since I was booked on a plane that is more commonly used to fly the Keebler elves, there was no space for my bag as a carry-on. Alas!

* LOVED and LOVES seasonal allergies! Know what's even more fantastically awesome? Seaonal allergies AND migraines! It's like peanut butter and chocolate - so much better together. Wheee!

* Firemen. Oh, how I love thee. Here's how I do NO love thee, however: when thoust are parked in thine four firetrucks in frontest of mine abode and not explaining why thoust are there and keep referring to mine apartment and not using thine words "Not on Fire" in reference to mine apartment for over twenty minutes.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yes, I'll take fries on that

So MN is off to the glorious city of Pittsburgh tomorrow - or "Pixburgh" as it's known to locals. You really have to love a city that puts french fries on its salads, and sandwiches, and anything else that happens to be on the table. I'm hoping my head behaves itself, unlike the last 3 days of intermittent misery.

Special thanks to Bourgeois Deviant for the healing tea this am. Our feud is temporarily suspended.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I did not win today. Stupid migraines. Why is it that there are at least four different drugs for erectile dysfunction but only two major ones for migraines? That's it: someone get me a penis.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tuxedo Pants, a bloodied t-shirt, and one shoe

Lest my friends forget that I grew up in the boonies of Pennsyltucky, where we had days off from school for the first day of trout season, I bring you this article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette with my compliments. This is only slightly less redneck than when my cousins got drunk and stole all the Republican presidential candidate signs from people's yards and used them for archery targets. Slightly.

Argument for Big-Girl Underwears

Right. So Friday was one of those days that was - how to put this delicately - craptacular. And since I like to share these days with everyone, I sent out a mass email to my friends and included my mom (she digs that). Because my friends are awesome, one of them even wrote a mini-play dramatizing my non-awesome day. Love her. But I digress.

So, I am outside on my way to pick up a salad and then maybe also some chips (spinach salad with tofu + kettle-cooked potato chips = 0 - they cancel each other out, right?) when my phone rings and I stop to take the call. Now, a little background: Friday was a glorious spring day, with blue skies and near 70 degree temperatures. Therefore, I was wearing a lovely sundress with my Frye biker boots and feeling sassy. Until a wind gust came whipping down west 44th street and gave me my own personal Seven Year Itch moment. However, unlike Ms. Monroe, who was undoubtedly wearing some gorgous lace or satin drawers, I remembered that I was wearing white cotton boy shorts with little blue rabbits on them that I'd purchased at the Gap after Easter for $1.99. And did I mention that the hot, tall, beat cop I've been eyeing was, like RIGHT across the street when this all happened? Yeah. So I think it is time I go shopping for some big girl underwear. Maybe next week I can learn to tie my shoes and color inside the lines.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Epic trouser-rattler"

And yet another reason I love the English: this story about a new Colin Firth movie.

Non-tourist lane, please

OK, OK, I know that everyone bitches about this: but COME ON, NYC tourists! Please remember that some of us live here, or at least work here. And we don't have all frakkin day to wait for you to get your fanny packs and Hershey store bag-toting asses together and figure out which way is north, let alone whether you're going to Toys R Us or the MTV Store first. Me? I just want to get back to this office with my damn salad. So when I am speed-walking at mach 5 in that lane outside the sidewalk, yeah - the one where there's always horse shit - STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! That's the non-tourist lane! Yeah, you go back to the sidewalk, because I think that nice young man over there wants to know if you like comedy. Thank you.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OK, OK, I am back

So will you stop bugging me now, Mr. Bourgeois Deviant? Sheesh.

I think I stopped posting for so long because writing about my migraines, while initially liberating, because annoying. I didn't want to devote any more of my life to them that I spent already - huddled in bed with a blackout mask and two icepacks on my head. Hot, right? You totally want me.

So I am writing about other thing? What things, you ask. Who the hell knows.