Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh, hey, another plan ruined. Awesome.

Seriously, this super-humidity needs to stop. I was up ALL night with a migraine, which was apparently a new super breed which was impervious to Imitrex, ice packs, total darkness, and force of will. This may indeed be a new form of terror, and if it is: well played, terrorists. I had to miss a birthday brunch AND birthday B'way matinee. I heart brunch and I heart matinees. So unfair! Grrrr.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Really, how do I get out of the house some days?!

This morning while walking through Port Authority someone tapped me on the shoulder. Which I ignored, because that is what you do when you're in the realm of crazy people that is the bus terminal. *Tap Tap* again. I turn around. The woman informs me that my dress is on inside out. I sheepishly thank her and run to the restrooms to switch it right side out. I check to make sure I am wearing undergarments and shoes and that there's nothing in my teeth and head out into the madness that is 42nd street and 8th avenue and pray that I 1.) don't get hit by a cab, 2.) don't get shat on by those pigeons on the northwest corner, and 3.) that the "mystery water" than just landed on my shoulder was from an air conditioner...please!

Ah, New York. I'm never moving.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hey, great news! I will be a featured blogger in the soon-to-be-debuted Migraine Community on Come and check me out there, too!

More frustrations

Well, last week was not stellar. Both Monday and Wednesday I didn't make it in to work until after 12:30 due to my head. Both mornings I woke up early with a foggy head and sense of impending doom. Arghh.

When I wake up with fuzziness like this I sometimes give myself a pep talk and make myself keep moving, thinking maybe I am just tired or being lazy. But then the tell-tale vise grip tightens and I have to lie down and hope it goes away quickly. I even called my mother both times because 1.) she too is a migraine sufferer so she understands and 2.) she's the woman who used to tell me in grade school "well, if you think you are sick enough to stay home then you should," which is the most brilliant bit of Catholic guilt-inducing parenting I've ever encountered. So I knew she would cut through my crap if there was any but it quickly became apparent that I was indeed pre-migraine as I struggled to form simple sentences and was forced to end the phone call when the effort of talking proved to be too much for me.

The happy part of this story is that my bosses totally understand my situation and know that if I am not at work it is for a good reason, and I know I am incredibly lucky. In fact, in a former job my boss once "casually" mentioned in front of me that Boss wasn't hiring someone because that person mentioned in her interview that she gets migraines. This boss said "I won't make that mistake again." Yeah, really.