Monday, May 19, 2008

Migraines: it's ON

That's right, migraines: I've really had it this time. Not only are you screwing up my social calendar but now you're messing with my professional one, too. I missed an entire day of work on Friday because I was unable to even lift my head for the greater part of the day or figure out how pants work. That morning, I awoke as usual and a prepared for work but was moving more slowly than usual which I merely attributed to it being Friday. But I was in good spirits and excited for my Girls' Night dinner, a night which took no fewer than 17 chain emails between four friends to confirm, two months in advance.

But, noooooo. Instead I had to lie down and emailed work explaining that I was running late. Which I hate doing, because it seems like I am doing so at least once a week and it makes me feel like a total flake. But it seems that a majority of my headaches occur in the early morning hours and on those days I simply cannot get it together enough to even dress myself. And how I wish I were joking, but I am not: the simple act of putting on pants becomes utterly confounding. Seriously. It's comical in the aftermath but frustrating and scary and overwhelming in the actual moments.

Well, after lying down I mercifully fell asleep and awoke feeling worse and somehow pecked out an email to work that my head wasn't working and crawled back into bed. And my use of the word "crawl" is literal here: I couldn't stand upright from the pain and honestly had to slink around my apartment, very cartoon-Grinch-like. I woke up again at 10:00 PM, had some saltines and ginger ale, took more Fioronol (preciousss, preciousss, codeine) and slept til Saturday morning. No Girls' Night, no work, no fun.

Now, I managed to make some use of the weekend and even was proud to have found my new miracle daily drug in Alavert, which was going to solve all of my allergy AND sinus problems. And I made it through an intermittently rainy weekend with pressure changes with no problems but then I made the error of talking about my new success. Within four hours I was writhing in pain in my bed, with ice packs and blackout mask and drugs and just wishing someone, anyone, would stop by and knock me unconscious. This horror lasted from about 11:30 PM until 3:00 am.

So this is why I am up at 4am, typing out this posting, hoping to clear my mind of all these angry thoughts. I'm tired of losing my life to my headaches. I'm tired of being afraid to even have one drink. I've had it with the fear that comes with a rainy forecast. I'm appalled at my date book: a litany of canceled plans. All I can hope for now is that the new daily drugs I'm on will work and that my Dr. is right that it will take me another month or so to notice the effects. Until then, I keep fighting.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Later I'm going to go bobsledding down a rainbow."

I must share: Michel Gondry Entertained For Days By New Cardboard Box

I Heart Allergies

Sooooo. Yeah. It's been a while, so here is a brief rundown of what's been up in the world of MN:

* visited Pittsburgh ("Pixburgh"), home of the Penguins, Pirates, Steelers ("Stillers"), guys with amazing mustaches, fem-mullets, excellent breweries, and the home of the best sandwich in the world ever, Primanti Brothers. Also ate at a brewery in a de-sanctified church and had many moments of pure sacrilidge, as our large group of 10 was seated on the altar. ON. THE. ALTAR. This circumstance was compounded in hilarity as I'd just brought 17 Official NYC Papal Visit '08, blessed by the Pope crucifixes across state lines as family gifts. If only I'd been there at LaGuardia when my bag went through security...but since I was booked on a plane that is more commonly used to fly the Keebler elves, there was no space for my bag as a carry-on. Alas!

* LOVED and LOVES seasonal allergies! Know what's even more fantastically awesome? Seaonal allergies AND migraines! It's like peanut butter and chocolate - so much better together. Wheee!

* Firemen. Oh, how I love thee. Here's how I do NO love thee, however: when thoust are parked in thine four firetrucks in frontest of mine abode and not explaining why thoust are there and keep referring to mine apartment and not using thine words "Not on Fire" in reference to mine apartment for over twenty minutes.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yes, I'll take fries on that

So MN is off to the glorious city of Pittsburgh tomorrow - or "Pixburgh" as it's known to locals. You really have to love a city that puts french fries on its salads, and sandwiches, and anything else that happens to be on the table. I'm hoping my head behaves itself, unlike the last 3 days of intermittent misery.

Special thanks to Bourgeois Deviant for the healing tea this am. Our feud is temporarily suspended.